Please Stand By… CDP rising

I have a sizeable academic workload this semester - three of the subjects are about experimental and electronic music though which is great!  I fear that due to the resultant work radio silence may descend on this blog for the next couple of months. It is possible there will be a performance sometime in March… Continue reading Please Stand By… CDP rising


This is the August of our loop content

So I ended up pulling the Samson Graphite 49 MIDI keyboard out of the cupboard, dusting it off and putting it to work. The Graphite is split into 4 zones, one octave per NM slot.  I'm using Numerology for routing and controlling 4 Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop plugins. So that's 4 mono channels of NM1… Continue reading This is the August of our loop content


Neo Kosmische Musik bonanza (and RPM2014 update)

Finally after two decades Node have decided to grace us with an epic slab of arp-driven electronica.  And it's released on bandcamp via Ian Boddy's spaced out DiN imprint! Node is Flood, Ed Buller, Dave Bessell and Mel Wesson - all known and notable producers in popular music and sound design circles. Like the space… Continue reading Neo Kosmische Musik bonanza (and RPM2014 update)