RPM Challenge 2014

OK so i’ve decided I will do the RPM Challenge again this year.

Last time I produced a draft version of The Drowned City

At the time the idea was to make it entirely on the iPad but I ended up feeling too limited.

This time I don’t have a devastating flood to inspire me.  I also have a 2 yr old, bills to pay and subjects to prep for so i’m scoping it for simplicity.

For a while now i’ve been using Numerology and the Nord Modular  to make abstract rhythmical music.  I’m not sure this narrow focus is a place I want to stay but I figured here is the opportunity to explore it.  

This year my goal is an album for Makrotulpa with the working title “Exorcise the Need”.  I like that the title has a late ’80s industrial dance vibe – in fact I was sure someone like Nitzer Ebb or Clock DVA had a track titled similarly however a discogs.com search came up empty.

It will be primarily rhythmical in focus.

It will consist of  sound made exclusively with the SKONLab setup (Nord Modular / Numerology / Launchpad  / MPX8).  Obviously there will be some percussive samples on the MPX8 that will be outsourced but aside from that it will be entirely hermetic.  I will also be running some sounds through the NM Vocoder as this is an area I need to explore.

Tracks will be primarily live takes with minimal post production editing and mixing in Reaper.

I’ll try to make at least weekly progress reports on this blog.


2 thoughts on “RPM Challenge 2014”

  1. good luck. I’d try it if I had any idea how to make music (& wasn’t so flat out at work / class atm). maybe I could do it as a ‘sort my field recordings’ type project instead.

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