A quick post of historic importance.

A couple of quick things to comment on.

Joe Musgrove, Michael Norris, Andrew Kettle and SKONLab
Joe Musgrove, Michael Norris, Andrew Kettle and SKONLab

Last weekend I had a wonderful jam session with some old Small Black Box alumni including Michael Norris from Canberra and Andrew Kettle who has been out of the Brisbane experimental scene for a while having kids, doing biological PhD research and translating alchemical texts.  Here is the jam… more stuff… after…

Usine is one of the more interesting live performance applications out there and the Stage version is temporarily free.

The catch is that it is only a Win32 version for now.  Here is the link to save you looking.  It has a limit to the number of channels and tracks you can have but contains all the useful stuff by the looks of it.   It combines the Touch UI design and integration of something like Lemur with the modular approach of Audiomulch.  What makes it even more special is that you can dig into each module and reconnect and reprogram stuff in a manner similar to Reaktor.  Even better than that add-on modules can be created with the SDK so, for example support for Leap Motion has already been implemented and users are adding new things to mess with all the time.   I have the Pro version of Usine Hollyhock and I can see this being a powerful live music tool with a powerful tablet, however the Acer W510 tablet I have has not the cojones for it.  Hence why I haven’t posted about it too much.

How to contact aliens
How to contact aliens

Last year I teased the idea of two collaborations that didn’t eventuate.   One of them was bogged down in competing work schedules and an installation that didn’t make approval however the other, Cosmic Amanuensis, looks like it is finally coming together.  We (being myself and Scott Baker) have been invited to present at CreateWorld – yep our first gig is academic!  I don’t want to say too much about it but the image above might give you some clues and below is an embryonic sound test.


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