No rest for the wikkid !~)

So many of you reading that last post obviously thought I was throwing in the towel…

Au Contraire.  Since my last post i’ve re-configured my Nord box and made the following musics – details after the jump!

My intentions are:

  1. to focus on perfecting the Nordlab and my skill at using it and continuing to document the results on Soundcloud;
  2. to work on some long-form works involving more composition than improvisation;
  3. to work on some collaborations;
  4. to focus on creating work not necessarily more for personal than public consumption.

1 and 4 pretty much go together and the process has already begun.

Firstly i’ve removed the AM8000R from SKONLab as I found I was getting more use out of Valhalla Übermod and Vintage Verb.  It sold for a ludicrously nothingness $150 which proves nothing sells a product like a name (plus eBay is sucking in a similar way to Facebook with “views” clearly related to $$$ spent on advertising.)


Hook and Loop is awesome I must say.  That is how the Macbook Air / Launchpad / MOTU sit there.  It also keeps the NanoKontrol connected to the front part of the case so that I can just flip it out and go.

Secondly I’ve been fiddling with the Numerology Pro 4 Beta which has so far managed to be slightly more awesome and useful than V3.  The Launchpad is used for most of the sequencer functions and track selection while the NanoKontrol is mixing and routing with the pots and faders and controlling MIDI with the buttons.  Here is how i’ve allocated things (click for a larger image.)


  • 2 stereo inputs from the Nord
  • 4 separate MIDI slots (one for each slot on the Nord G1) each with its own poly-note sequencer
  • 4 FX busses
  • 2 external routes  – G1 and iStudio
  • iStudio input

If you are unfamiliar with Numerology you may be wondering what gen X, Y and Z refer to.  It is one of the major benefits of Numerology – the ability to set probabilities.  By default these are set up as X for pitch, Y for gate, Z for velocity but you can configure and save a specific setup.  What this adds is the ability to manipulate the notes for each slot in interest ways without it being just random.  Not only does it satisfy criteria 1 above by greatly improving the real-time playability, but it is also very therapeutic like a good step sequencer / modular setup should be!

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.50.53 pm

Followers of this blog will notice the tablet is missing?  I’ve managed to get the Nord Editor running under VMWare Fusion 6 so it’s goodbye not quite as terrible as everyone makes out Windows 8 tablet and hello assimilation into the Apple cult!   The SKONLab is now a nice self-contained altar which i’m definitely going to have to work into some kind of ridiculous performance incorporating incense, pillows, etc…  Before I get to that here is some video of me in the process of iterating it towards the new form  (NanoKontrol hasn’t been setup properly yet and channel routing is slightly different).

So yeah – not exactly retired.  A note on my whiteboard says “Just Make Drones”.  With the help of this, Logic Pro X and Reaper 4, and a combination of Wavegenerator and Nave I should be able to do make some kickass drones while simultaneously checking off criteria 2 and 3.

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