the Sound of Nostalgia

Lately i’ve been listening to a lot of this kinda music.  Majeure (taking his name from the Tangerine Dream “Force Majeure” album) is Anthony Paterra  AKA the drumming half of Zombi who provided a slightly modern twist on the sound of Goblin (and are now touring with them).  I think there is nothing out of the ordinary with Majeure.  The sounds are very straight and conservative yet I love how tight and relentless his arrangements are.

One of the subjects i’m running over summer is a pre-masters style research subject and one of the students is looking at how the music of your childhood influences your taste as an adult.  Thinking about my being drawn to Majeure I have to say it is in part because of my interest in synthesis but I also think the driving methodical synthesis reminds me of a couple of things…

Dawn of the Dead AKA Zombi


Obviously these are both directly relevant to the aforementioned musical groups but the other thing of importance is that these were key genre films that spawned legions of gory trashy simulacra with equally derivative synthetic soundtracks.  As a teenager this was 70% of my screen time watching dodgy horror films and I would later work at Trash Video amongst gloriously rotting VHS piles.


Whether it was a timing or technology thing – another key recollection is of…

Computer game music – specifically Commodore 64 music.  I recorded many of these to cassette and (perhaps not) coincidentally the C64 dominated my screen time as a pre-teen.  Rob Hubbard was a favourite composer and this is the most complete Kentilla I can find on YouTube (though it goes about 20mins if I remember correctly).  Bizarre creepy circus music for a text/still image adventure.


Also great are the Last Ninja themes by Ben Daglish and Fist 2 for some great faux-asian ambience.  There are heaps more that I love but one in particular I should mention (because I ripped it off on one of my first Brainlego releases) is this piece from Web Dimension – an otherwise rather pointless Tempest clone with some great music.


Anyway i’m not sure if my student has such a great methodology but I certainly think the music of my childhood has seeped into the preferences of my adulthood.  That said I wonder how much difference you can detect in my current music.

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Thanks for reading.


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