Inner Visions out this week.

Hello!  Check out a track from the new Makrotulpa release “Inner Visions”.


Last train to Agharta is obviously a sly joke for old ethno-ambient fans.  It is also one of the mellower tracks from a release i’m very happy with that is due to hit Bandcamp this week.   More info after the jump…

I’ve been working on this release since around September, stepping up the pace when I was offered the Visions Gallery gig mentioned in this post.  I wanted some material that I could generate and manipulate without relying on too much prepared “playback” material and around 70% of the performance was live Nord Modular tweaking with some additional use of the amazing Samplr iPad app to tweak and mangle other sounds.

Having been somewhat happy with the gig I decided to spend some time playing with the material – recording different variations live and building some tracks for this release.  In all cases I started with a fair chunk of straight Nord Modular tweakage to which I added material triggered live from Samplr, and some additional Nave and CubeSynth tracks.  I tried to keep the glitchy effects to a minimum placing the emphasis on modular synth tweaks and filtered delays with SugarBytes WOW2 and Valhalla Übermod.

Inner Visions

Stylistically “Inner Visions” eschews overt conceptualisation for a semi-improvised jam approach yet far from being noodly experimental I feel it is unquestionably the most coherent and groovy thing i’ve been involved with since the Plague Doctors (only known recordings here and here).  I put this down mainly to the awesome creative flow i’ve managed to generate with the Nord Modular + iPad + MacbookAir/Numerology/Launchpad setup.   “the fruit returns to the forest” in particular is a 14minute jam that came together effortlessly in one take.  I’ve added a few extra layers for colour but the foundation is essentially jammed from scratch, going from sub-woofer rumblings to almost funky electro jazz like elements.  In the end it is squishy poppy electronica with lots of levels to get your head around.

I should also mention that the album is dedicated to the late Nevill Drury, author of Inner Visions, Vision Quest and many other occult explorations that blew my spiritually narrow mind as a teenager.  Track 3 “Polymorphic Resonance” features samples from a documentary entitled “The Occult Experience” which Nevill wrote and produced.   Pretty wild stuff that seems so many worlds away from the current reality held hostage by fundamentalist atheists who seem just as conservative and unimaginative as many religious fundamentalists.

Inner Visions – Makrotulpa – due out 12/11/2013 (or thereabouts)


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