A Caesura for Reflection

The world is a blur full of demands for our attention. Sometimes a pause for thought and perspective is in order.  The last few weeks have been worthwhile times for reflection however before I get into that please take a moment to stop, close your eyes and listen to this drone. A few months ago… Continue reading A Caesura for Reflection


the Sound of Nostalgia

Lately i've been listening to a lot of this kinda music.  Majeure (taking his name from the Tangerine Dream "Force Majeure" album) is Anthony Paterra  AKA the drumming half of Zombi who provided a slightly modern twist on the sound of Goblin (and are now touring with them).  I think there is nothing out of the… Continue reading the Sound of Nostalgia


Inner Visions out this week.

Hello!  Check out a track from the new Makrotulpa release "Inner Visions". http://soundcloud.com/secretkillerofnames/last-train-to-agharta Last train to Agharta is obviously a sly joke for old ethno-ambient fans.  It is also one of the mellower tracks from a release i'm very happy with that is due to hit Bandcamp this week.   More info after the jump... I've… Continue reading Inner Visions out this week.