fighting the fatigue with fun

It’s 10.30pm and all are asleep.  Normally now would be a great time for working on patches for my performance next weekend but the fatigue has been hitting me almost as hard as when I had Pneumonia last year.

I’ve decided to fight fatigue with fun or give in… better to succumb to dreams if it means I might wake up tomorrow not feeling like a cadaver.  At least for a little while until I start feeling human again.   However before I head to bed I thought i’d mention a couple of things I might classify as “fun” or at least things that cheered me up.

1) From Stanford, a brain seizure mapped to appropriately creepy oscillators.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.51.29 PM

2) Warren Burt is slightly cranky but immensely entertaining in this keynote address from the International Computer Music Conference in Perth this year.  Titled “the democratization of music” it could be also known as “the marginalisation of experimentation”.  Though slightly rambling he provides a unique perspective to the development of electronic music and its good to read a seasoned computer musician / academic weigh up the affordances and constraints of the current state of play in a manner so relatable.


3) It isn’t quite as immediate as Ableton Live or Bidule but it was very nice to fire up Logic X and play around with arpeggiating the newly updated AAS UltraAnalog synth via Logic Remote on the iPad.  How useful this will be in “the real world”[tm] certainly remains to be seen but I will hit the pillow with a kind of zen fulfillment achieved.


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