FBK DLY workflow

I just got my Boss Gigadelay back from Ishra!  So I thought i’d try a little something i’ve been meaning to get to.  Below is a little jam using Feedback Delay routing and no plugins.   Details after the jump.

I’m very happy with this setup for Diaspora-like ambient minimalism.  I just need to work out how to keep it contained as the delay pedals spilling out of SKONlab aren’t real manageable.

lots of cables everywhere
Spaghetti Junction

So here is the plan I devised.

FBK DLY setup
Planning the setup

The 3 x stereo Nord inputs go clean into the MOTU and to three separate record enabled channels in Ableton Live 9.  These tracks are then routed both to the Master output and through the returns.  The returns send to the Boss Gigadelay and the DD7, the DD7 then goes into the MicroModular while the Gigadelay goes into the rack.  Here is the Nord Moduar Rack patch.

A Nord Modular patch
Nord Modular patch for FBK DLY

There are three outputs – one clean, one through the reverb and one coming from the Delay.  As you can see i’ve added parallel filters and a separate envelope.  For the track I essentially used 1 Rack slot and 1 micro slot.  Played / Looped / Mixed with Launchpad LPC controlling Live and spent most of my time riding the volume and filter knobs.

Kick Ass!

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