“Stone Tape” on Bandcamp

I’ve just released the first “official” Makrotulpa release.  Five movements in one mix over 24 minutes.

The synthesis is predominantly Nord Modular G1 Rack and MicroModular, patched live and recorded to six separate 96k 32bit stereo tracks.  I’m also using Metasynth to morph some of the recorded files into shortwave sounds sourced from WebSDR.  Finally there is a rhythm in track four that came from a Doepfer Dark Energy II.  Tracks were mixed and mastered in Adobe Audition at 96/32, then downsampled to 48/24 for uploading to Bandcamp.

Here is where frustration sets in…
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An embarrassment of riches that continues to overwhelm

Following my harassment of him to comply, here is my friend Abre Ojos making with the self-shot performance video.

Elektron A4 and Electribe ES-1 noise jam from abre ojos on Vimeo.

In think these kinds of videos are awesome, particularly in how they illuminate different approaches to technology that aren’t given a focus in promotional videos.  Honestly all the very mainstream demos of the Elektron Analog 4 on YouTube tend to turn me off despite reading the impressive specs.  The CV outs pretty much highlight it as a gateway to Modular money-sink land – wish it had multiple MIDI outs.  Then again I wish my Nord Modular’s had proper MIDI outs as well.  Anyway… (1st world problems!)  Scott has an awesome looking CD/DVD release called Gates out on Secrets of Giza.
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A drift – short workflow demonstration

Thought i’d document the Ableton Live 9 workflow i’ve been discussing over the last few posts.

This does not include any pre-defined Audio samples – just Nord Modular with Augustus Loop working like a tape delay and Loomer Shift 2 granular delay modulation.

A Drift from Secret Killer Of Names on Vimeo.

Audio multitracked in Ableton Live 9 and summed in Adobe Audition.

Video mixed with audio and titles added in Premiere Pro.

Addendum: Workflow

In my last post I struggled to play and record a structured improvisation using Ableton Live 9.  As it turns out there was but a default setting in the way of my Record Arming issues.

Arm Exclusive
Arm Exclusive

Turning “Arm Exclusive” off means that I can now toggle Rec. Enabling on and off for any track without it messing with the other Armed tracks.


Here is a quick demo I recorded to test it out. Polished very mildly in Audition.

The dualities of digital composition

I’ve been very busy the last few weeks teaching and working on other people’s projects.  One of the things I’m involved with is a test of a system for computer based duets call CIM.  Andrew Brown is curating a show called Musician & Machine at the Queensland Conservatorium this Friday to demonstrate various practitioners and their varied approaches to the system.  Here is a video where i’m demonstrating the technology.  Some more deep thoughts after the jump.

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