It was the best of gigs / it was the worst of gigs

Below is my set from the first outing with SKONLab.  If you want your SoundCloud served with an extra helping of unchecked opinion then keep reading.

Recorded on 23 June 2013 it was a night of the SuperMoon, seen from Earth as a Full Moon that is coincidentally closer as a result of its elliptical orbit.

Apparently it is another one of those harbingers of crazy times, natural disasters etc… like everything else celestial and never anything earthbound and manmade!

Anyway none of this in anyway  an excuse for what is the worst gig i’ve played at in a while (though I think it is one of my better performances).

The opening act was late and took ages to setup while the audience and members of the third act got shit-faced drunk (in a venue that was supposed to be Alcohol free according to the writing on the wall)   By the time they started everybody was nice and maggot so the lethargic performance art shenanigans akin to Liquid Sky with Genesis P’Orridge on Heroin bass actually went down well.  The jeers and hooting obviously encouraging them to extend their set to a full 30mins of awkward pain.

I was up next and decided to play LOUD!  Partly because last time I was at this venue I remember it being too quiet and also partly to drown out the noisy jabbering from drunk fucks (which included the curator of the gig – who you can hear at the start loudly proclaiming himself master of ceremonies.)  I felt the actual performance went pretty well with the setup I currently have.  Still a few tweaks I need to make and it was a more improvised set than I would have liked but the pulleys and levers didn’t actually fail me.  And in contrast to the prog-rockers of performance art no wave skronk I managed to blast out my set in 16mins – woo!

So I packed my stuff and moved it out of the way while a band setup.  It was one of those classic Brisbane ZZZ type bands – you know the ones that have 60million members and they are all friends of friends.  Anyway – took me back to the 1990s.  Garage rock kinda pop-punkish.  Oh and they were the maggot drunk bunch.  Most of my friends leave at this point – I decide to stay because, even though I’m not so into the industrial dark-wave music these days,  I haven’t seen Browning Mummery play for a while.

Someone once said to me “Laptops and Rock Bands don’t mix!”  Someone also said “Laptops and Beer don’t mix – unless you’re Girl Talk”

This is Girl Talk

Well in someways i’m glad Browning Mummery isn’t Girl Talk but Andy Lonsdale is a friendly guy and deserves more than a bunch of wastoids spraying beer all over his gear which included a couple of laptops and an audio-interface etc.  I left before any more toxic behaviour occurred.

Shit organisation / Shit management / Shit gig.  I’m all for diversity except for when it caters for the lowest common denominator.  Go check out Browning Mummery’s page – he could probably use some support.


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