snakes, daggers and intel…

Brisbane. The toilet of Australian live music.

So… latest update on the controversy…

The question of whether it was an accident or malicious has been raised however, either way, it is immaterial.  An artist who offers their time for a performance, should not be left with $3000 worth of damages and a “sorry man, accidents happen” attitude.

Timothy Green, the organiser of the Audiopollen events, has been listening to advice and has suggested that profits from the next Audiopollen will go towards replacing Browning Mummery’s gear and it seems there are plans afoot to get a benefit going initiated by a number of people including members of the band performing when the incident allegedly occurred.  Certainly if the 100+ people who visited my blog today contributed $30 to Browning Mummery – he would be able to replace some if not all of his gear.  It would be a shame if he had to pursue legal action.

I’ve had numerous people comment about how this is typical of Brisbane – to that i’ll say i’ve seen some pretty messy gigs in Melbourne also.  But the “privileged debauchery”, as it was described on my Facebook feed, has historically been endemic to the local garage rock and punk scene.  A gig isn’t a gig unless there is a mix of sweat blood and beer coating the floor, holes punched in walls, toilets wrecked etc…  It’s a disgraceful lack of respect for music that people act this way.  However I don’t want to overstate the case – the band in question were far from the worst i’ve seen debauch-wise.  And they at least have the decently to be directly engaging with the victim on attempting to write wrongs.  So enough said about that.

Appropriate alternative venues are, however, something i’m very interested in hearing ideas about.  My discussion with Timothy touched on this.  In Brisbane it is hard enough to get venues to perform in at all, the cops won’t even let you play in your own house unless you have unusually cool or deaf neighbours.  Let alone a venue cheap enough that you might make something on the door to pay the artists, comfortable enough for them to perform without reserve and safe enough that drinks don’t get knocked onto equipment.  For the chin-strokey electronic stuff i’ve been thinking about a monthly meeting – akin to a Men’s Shed minus the gender exclusivity.  I’m not in quite the position to organise this alone however and have no idea of venue (though I think it should be in the burbs!)  Any opinions on this – let me know

I should mention that the gig helped outline what was important and what in my setup needs changing in a live environment – so I want to emphasise that the gig went well… for me.  Just a shame about the other negativity.  After the jump… i’ve had a request for some info outlining my live setup.
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Makrotulpa Live Debut 23 June 2013

Makrotulpa Live Flyer

The SKONLab will leave the study and embark on a journey that will hopefully bring those who attend to journey further into their heads rather than outside for cigarettes.

I’m gonna be the ambient odd one out I fear looking at the line-up.  Still pretty chuffed to be playing with some local legends!

Here is a quick track made during the preparations.  Nerdy infos on the setup after the jump.

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