An addendum to SKONlab!


The last post about my SKONlab Nord Modular build has generated some interest from the Muff Wiggler and Electro-Music communities.  Specifically people seem to be excited about the idea of using the editor software on a tablet.  Well I’m happy to say it works, though it isn’t a drama free process.  After the jump I’ve attached a video of my using manipulating a patch in real-time as an example after which I provide some commentary.

I find it pretty necessary to use the Magnifier application if I want to have any real control.  Stylus clicks aren’t as finely positioned as mouse pointer clicks and certain interactions are quite difficult to get working.  Chief among them is dragging from a module output – it’s usually easier to drag from the source.  As the clicks are context sensitive it is often the case that the wrong context applied.  Accidentally dragging a module is common when you actually want turn a dial yet if you try to drag a module, you have to find the right spot or it will do nothing.

The software itself is incredibly lean, in Task Manager it registers around 5mb used and rarely goes above 1%CPU.  However, something I suspect is that running other software (like Bidule, Mulch) in the background might occasionally be taking focus/power away from the editor as I get more issues of connections not being made or clicks not registering.

SKONlab angle

Complaints aside, using the editor on the tablet is a skill you can build and improve on it seems, as I have been getting better at it the more I practice.  The G2 demo software works well also, so I imagine the full editor will work for G2 owners also.


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