An addendum to SKONlab!


The last post about my SKONlab Nord Modular build has generated some interest from the Muff Wiggler and Electro-Music communities.  Specifically people seem to be excited about the idea of using the editor software on a tablet.  Well I’m happy to say it works, though it isn’t a drama free process.  After the jump I’ve attached a video of my using manipulating a patch in real-time as an example after which I provide some commentary.
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In search of… SKONlab!

I loved “In Search Of…” when I was a kid! I wasn’t even particularly a Trekkie – I just loved the creaky reenactments (which these days hold more nostalgic than thrill value).

If you read the previous posts you will know i’ve been working on putting together a modular hardware instrument that I can be happy to sit with and learn how to program it to an expert level.  While the Nord Modular became the object of interest it’s about more than just the synthesis engine.  It is equally about the affordances of setup as it is about the flexibility of DSP architecture.

Behold (after the jump) SKONlab!
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