anyone for discog?

Well… it seems I have a discography page now.


It is by no means complete.  Once upon a time I used to release albums only for live shows and then put them on Soulseek.  There are some things i’m considering remastering and releasing where I have original files but most of those albums are no longer readily available.  For now i’m trying to look forward.


The latest thing i’m into is Cthulhu.   Not the Lovecraftian mythos, but the mad arpeggiation step-sequencer plugin from Xfer records.  What makes this useful is that you can feed it chords and set an ARP style for each step very easily in realtime.  It works wonderfully well with the virtual modular synths made in Tassman 4 and I expect it will work even better with some of the things i’m now doing in Reaktor.  Here is a demo video with a couple of smug jerks.  Trust me the plugin is excellent though.  Especially with the EnChord Lemur patch for making crazy chord progressions.

It’s funny how you go along a path completely oblivious to what you already have and know.  So i’ve been re-learning synthesis for some work i’ve got coming up.  I’ve already blogged about how useful it is to work with Virtual Modulars, particularly Tassman4, Vaz Modular 3, Karma FX Modular etc.  One of the learning tools i’ve been using is some stuff Roland Kuit designed for the Clavia Nord Modular G2 and available to use in the demo version of the G2.   It’s a real shame they discontinued this synth as I really like the flexibility and focused it seems to demonstrate.  It could easily replace a number of failed attempts with other hardware synths. Roland’s stuff is really good, deeply weird feedback systems and i’ve been trying to replicate them in various other modulars as the demo, while very functional by modern demo standards, has a monophonic limitation.


After months of research I stumbled upon the Ampere Modules (image above) which are free modules for Reaktor inspired by the Clavia Nord G2.  Useful doesn’t begin to describe it.  Combined with what I learnt playing with the G2 demo and the other modulars I now have finally unlocked Reaktor power after half a decade of owning it! Don’t expect me to whip up fancy stuff for you though – most of what i’m doing with it is confined to treating it like a virtual modular, creating my own unique patches.
In addition Twisted Tools have just recently made a Lemur template for Rolodecks.  This ensemble is essentially a FX sequencer in Reaktor that allows you to modulate parameters in specific ways.  What makes it cool is with the Pro version you can add your own Reaktor effects and module in there.  It’s pretty complicated and makes for incredibly dodgy UI fails but it works really well so I can’t wait to try it with the Lemur template.

Combining all these things together means i’m very much looking forward to getting into two very particular projects listed in my discography as Upcoming for 2013.  More information about them in time.

Also on my agenda:

  • getting back into Tarot reading for fun (other than the Muzoracle which I use for composition) which is good diversion from playing computer games.  The Wildwood reminds me of my childhood AND my teenage discovery of tarot.
  • attempting to make up for years of ignoring the niggling feeling that shit ain’t right in the world by reading Worldchanging. Hoping to have intelligent conversations with Stacey about sustainability soon.
  • Handmade Electronic Music is great and i’m hoping to get together some electronic stuffs from Jaycar soon so that I can start on some projects.  I am also rather looking forward to this book.  After all the Virtual Modular learning I think this might be the next path to tread.

Finally here is some silly music I made in Ohmstudio.  Inspired by the horrible session of “Intensive Assistance” I had to go on despite a) having a job albeit a small one b) having another job coming up c) receiving only a tiny amount of social security.  This is for Centrelink and Sarina Russo, my job service provider.  Thanks for providing me with air-conditioning last week.

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