Anthropoclasm by Secret Killer Of Names

Beyond the jump you will find Soundcloud streams for the new S.K.O.N. album, Anthropoclasm.  I have compiled these tracks from the best improvised takes with my “Performer” Max/MSP patch.  There has been some minor multitrack polishing and editing for time but they remain structurally as performed.  This is a pretty diverse and dynamic collection with precious few fluffy ambient clouds. Also you will also find each track has an associated image that i’ve made exclusively for this release.

If you like the sounds please consider making a donation by clicking the button in right hand column.   Any spare change is appreciated but for those who donate $5 or more, I can offer links to 24bit/48k FLAC or Apple Lossless versions of the album that haven’t been compressed by the Soundcloud filter.  The downloads also include the a Hi-Res PDF ArtBook featuring all the exclusive images created for this release.

mind seeding
bones can’t write
signals (after Bertoia)
the awakener
all mod cons
a Viridian garden

All tracks improvised live to 8-track by Lloyd Barrett in October 2012.
Multitrack editing and mastering happened in November 2012.

All pieces were improvised in my custom “Performer” Max/MSP patch.
Controllers: Macbook Pro 2008, KMI Softstep, AKAI LPK25, Korg NanoKontrol 1
Sources: Metasynth, Padshop Pro, Microtonic, M-Audio Venom, Roland SP-404SX
Modulators: Max/MSP, Turnado,Melda Creative Suite
Mastering: Melda Mastering Suite, Reaper

Thanks to my patient family for continued indulgence and love. Thanks also to the Ear Ensemble and QCGU MuTech peoples for being the sole bill payers in lean times and also for great jams. Thanks to Stefan from Kenaxis for giving me the impetus to devise my “Performer” patch and Rodrigo Constanzo for assistance with Softstep decoding.

Listen to Anthropoclasm loudly in a dark, preferably locked room.


4 thoughts on “Anthropoclasm”

    1. Thanks Garth. This stuff is quite a bit digitally nastier than I originally intended. As i’m currently working on Physical and Analogue modelling synthesis I think a mellower companion may follow in the next few months.

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