more about Performer

Above is another track made with my Max/MSP patch using Padshop Pro and Turnado.  Thought I should say a little more about the patch and how it works.

I’d put it up for everyone to play with but it requires some fairly specific equipment and looks like this:

So it is setup for the MOTU Ultralite with four stereo inputs and two VSTi channels.  The VSTi channels can run synths, samplers and is also useful for keyboard FX engines like The Finger.  A MIDI phrase can be recorded and looped for each of the two channels.

The inputs and VSTis can be run through dry OR sent to a tap-delay system which essentially works like a loop-delay.  I wanted something somewhat like the Fripp and Eno tape-loop system and found the tapin~ / tapout~ objects in mix worked better than buffers and used much less CPU.   The KMI Softstep foot-controller is essentially for making it a seamless looping system.  Four pads, when depressed, route the dry signal to the tap delay.  The amplitude is relative to how heavily the pads are depressed, reducing clicks and making it somewhat useful for envelope effects.  The loops are synced to a holistic timer, independent of clock time, that is toggled via another pad.  Each of the four loops are sized at a ratio relative to the central time.

A balance of Dry and Delay sound can be sent through up to four separate VST FX.  A multichannel file can then be recorded of the live session allowing discrete mixing after the fact.  All mix elements are controlled on the first Scene of the NanoKontrol 1, with further Scenes used to control VST FX parameters as needed.  I’m not sure how well this system would work with the new NanoKontrols as they have removed the “Scene” function, severely limiting the controllers available.

It’s a fairly flexible system as mentioned in the previous post.  Here is an example using two Dron-E Reaktor Synths and four Turnados.

In other news, I received an email from Ableton support stating that I wouldn’t have to buy Suite 9 if I already own Max For Live.  Apparently if you already own it, it will update just fine with the Standard version.  If this is correct that will save me about $150 which makes me much less angsty.


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