Fields of Joy

Fields is a new compilation i’m a part of.  Proving that “big names” don’t mean anything (I think Pimmon and Ektoise are possibly the highest profile but I could be wrong) this is an excellent selection of exploratory electronic drone.  For the most part it sits in the electro-acoustic granular side of things though there are more analog sounding tracks included as well.  Mood-wise I would say this is a Chaotic Neutral… there’s no sappy floaty presets but it also clearly isn’t the soundtrack to a torture porn dungeon either.  Reminds me of the great Swarm/Storm of Drones compilations in that all tracks work towards a “hive-mind” of sorts.  Kudos to Hexakai/Dekagon for a superbly curated compilation.
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Anthropoclasm by Secret Killer Of Names

Beyond the jump you will find Soundcloud streams for the new S.K.O.N. album, Anthropoclasm.  I have compiled these tracks from the best improvised takes with my “Performer” Max/MSP patch.  There has been some minor multitrack polishing and editing for time but they remain structurally as performed.  This is a pretty diverse and dynamic collection with precious few fluffy ambient clouds. Also you will also find each track has an associated image that i’ve made exclusively for this release.

If you like the sounds please consider making a donation by clicking the button in right hand column.   Any spare change is appreciated but for those who donate $5 or more, I can offer links to 24bit/48k FLAC or Apple Lossless versions of the album that haven’t been compressed by the Soundcloud filter.  The downloads also include the a Hi-Res PDF ArtBook featuring all the exclusive images created for this release.
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