Welcome to the flip-side.

OK first a plug.  Please go check out the latest edition of The Included Middle.

This is my primary creative outlet at the moment.  A place where I don’t have to conform to expectations and can just make whatever I feel like making,  letting the creative process flow freely wherever it chooses.  Perhaps not coincidentally I feel my production and composition skills are rising.  Our current life is something of a struggle… there is not enough work, not enough money and with our difficult 9 month old, not much time.  We may compile some of this into a reproducible, distributable form but for now it will remain collected here.

My sleep deprived state is not real conducive to completing my research but progress is slowly… ahem… starting again.  I’m trialing an online system for collating my audio interviews.  Once I get through all 24hours of it the road ahead may be clearer.


The world is in a pretty shitty way… an ex-army sergeant has taken over government of my state and is determined to sack everyone and turn everything into a source of revenue. Never-mind no-one has any money to pay for anything anyway.  Perhaps we’ll all be evicted?  I hear the same shit is going down in the UK as well.  Also some extremist christians are doing their best to immanentize the eschaton and of course the extremist muslims are happily taken the bait and throwing back threats of their own.  Never has there been a better time to get out of the system and off the grid.  If only my survivalist plans were more than mere fantasy.

My old site has served as an essential link to my practice, my thoughts and my sound-art for the last three years.  As a splinter off the Alias Frequencies hub I get a lot of interesting traffic and I must thank Jennifer Teo and Shannon O’Neill for hosting me.  It is however no longer a service I can afford and since new security software was installed it has come to my attention that this blog is receiving attempted break-ins on a daily basis.

My experience with The Included Middle has shown me that a smaller blog is both manageable and contains all I really need to push my occasional communications with the world.  I never occupy many of the rooms in this mansion of neglect and over the next few weeks I will be relocating to a smaller, “free” wordpress blog.  

Welcome to the flipside!

EDIT: As you might see there are some issues with broken image URLS etc… please bare with me. It’s not easy trying to cram a mansion into a caravan.


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