Your Vision is Quartz

So, Quartz Composer, one of the many benefits of OSX that drew me away from the WinBoxes.  Free to use(*), widely modded and loudly trumpeted amongst the visualist community… yet so very difficult to get into.  Despite initially looking not much more complicated than Audiomulch or Bidule, I’ve never been able to quite grasp the signal flow and get past the strange parent / child metaphor that to me is expressed in a pretty unclear, unhelpful way.
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Welcome to the flip-side.

OK first a plug.  Please go check out the latest edition of The Included Middle.

This is my primary creative outlet at the moment.  A place where I don’t have to conform to expectations and can just make whatever I feel like making,  letting the creative process flow freely wherever it chooses.  Perhaps not coincidentally I feel my production and composition skills are rising.  Our current life is something of a struggle… there is not enough work, not enough money and with our difficult 9 month old, not much time.  We may compile some of this into a reproducible, distributable form but for now it will remain collected here.

My sleep deprived state is not real conducive to completing my research but progress is slowly… ahem… starting again.  I’m trialing an online system for collating my audio interviews.  Once I get through all 24hours of it the road ahead may be clearer.

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