The Shadow Birds arrive

Edition#3 of The Included Middle is online.  This one is much more of a horror story and the music reflects that quite horribly!  Something to creep you out over the next fortnight.

In other news… the mad modular circuit-bending hero J.Lopez Donado joined me at Browning Street Studios for an improvised session.  He was demonstrating the use of his TP.Neon, a modified/bent electronic trumpet which he has written a paper on here.

He also brought along a hard drive that was contact mic’d and modified to provide percussive pleasures.  Sounds from these things were fed into my MOTU and processed in Kenaxis, a Max/MSP based stand-alone tool that rivals Audiomulch for most suitable live improvisational platform.  Controlling this with the provided Touch OSC patch made it fun and quite easy to build erratic soundscapes however I plan to make my own Lemur patch once I can get my head around the vast amount of controllers I need to address.

In other news, pretty sure I have ADD.  And not just this kind, though it is probably made worse by the need to skim read everything.  Things are starting to come to a head and questions are being asked about why I have lived for so long with an inability to focus on one thing at a time, to concentrate when people are talking to me, to not fall asleep in lectures other people are giving, to remember more than about 2 things in a row and to not constantly procrastinate and shift attention from whatever the goal at hand is until it’s ridiculously urgent and AAARGH!!

I know I’ve always had difficulty focusing on one thing at a time (unless it is music – then I hyperfocus) but now with the added responsibility of a child i’m finding it near impossible to finish anything.

The Included Middle project is one of the few things I seem able to do at the moment.  Interested to hear from anyone else who has similar issues.


2 thoughts on “The Shadow Birds arrive”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to Kenaxis. Apparently it’s been around since 2009 – how have I not heard about it until now? It looks perfect for my kinda music, and similar to some of my old Mulch patches. The only thing holding me back from buying it is the licence, which is tied to a computer ID. What happens if the software is no longer supported when I change hardware in the future? What I’d really like is for each of Kenaxis’ modules to be available as a plugin in AudioMulch.

    1. Hey Shannon. No problems. You know it is actually a really complicated series of Max 5 patches compiled into an app? I’ve tried a few different variations on this concept like but Kenaxis provides a variety of different approaches that work well live. With KMI Softstep pedal support and the Touch OSC patch added it is absolutely perfect. As for the computer ID protection, I understand what you mean. It might be worth asking the creator what the approach is when you have to change computers. Stefan is usually very approachable via email.

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