The Shadow Birds arrive

Edition#3 of The Included Middle is online.  This one is much more of a horror story and the music reflects that quite horribly!  Something to creep you out over the next fortnight. In other news... the mad modular circuit-bending hero J.Lopez Donado joined me at Browning Street Studios for an improvised session.  He was demonstrating… Continue reading The Shadow Birds arrive


The Included Middle Vol#2 “Monuments”

Just thought I'd promote Vol#2 since Stacey and I have decided to move "The Included Middle" from Tumblr to WordPress. It is now: http://theincludedmiddle.wordpress.com/ It's not that tumblr is too SeaPunk for us but we think the separation of media types wasn't working.  We think the new site is better but let us know what you think.… Continue reading The Included Middle Vol#2 “Monuments”