The Included Middle debuts

This week Stacey and I debut something we’ve been cooking up for a little while.  Aside from creating Griffin (pictured with us to the left) we have been looking for a way to collaborate artistically and feel we may have hit on a somewhat novel approach.

Regular visitors to this site may recall this post where I called into question my own “album release” mentality as being totally at odds with prevailing trends.  Well dear readers we have seen some great artistic challenges to this notion and have been inspired to produce something manageable that will satisfy our urges and hopefully entertain some of you out there.

The Included Middle is a tumblr blog for sound/image/text we create.  Each fortnight, or thereabouts, I will create some audio, Stacey will write some text and one or both of us will provide an image.  There is no set topic each week but a title will be shared across the elements.  While they might loosely inform one another, there is no denotative reading required. No element dominates, it is a negotiated experience where the audience is free to construct meaning.
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