Concentric Circuits

Here is an excerpt from the latest N4rgh1l3 performance:

This was from a live performance @ the Crossbows festival which occurred over a few days in May at the Griffith Conservatorium of Music in South Brisbane.

For this performance I designed a fairly simple Max patch for Andrew to run his videos.  Max 6 is a joy to work with, the easy to follow instructions and extra usability features have made it a more potent tool so i’ve ditch Vizzie entirely (which locks the vision to 4:3 boo hiss!!!).  I would still consider VDMX if I was doing a presentation or a Video Centric performance.  VPT if I wanted to do projection mapping. But for a basic 2D screening they are surplus to requirements as our patch runs faster and allows us to throw more layers together.  It’s a fairly basic patch mixing 2 lots of 2 video inputs with a plethora of layer blend options available to Jitter.
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