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Slow January update

New Narghile video

A new N4rgh1l3 video has been uploaded to Vimeo.  We needed something to submit to a Visual Music screening series curated by seensound.

It is something of a “Greatest Hits” of Narghile at least from a footage perspective.  Dense hypnogogia.  I feel like this might be a clearing out as we are starting to move in newer directions. On one hand i’m trying to put together The Ultimate Jitter patch for live performance (and have been for the last year or so) while Andrew has been quietly developing his obsession with surface textures.  I’m keen to see us move away from the hazy psychedelia towards a more textured collage approach to both sound and image.

Research progress

Lloyd and Griffin
Working hard on my PhD

Progress on my research has been slowed dramatically due to some issues with the newborn outlined here.

There is however increasingly light at the end of the organisational tunnel as Stacey’s other two children are returning to school / starting kindy.

I’m currently collating my interviews, turning them into interview notes so that I can then make case studies.  At this stage i’m thinking of focusing on Australasian AV artists just for coherency.  The interviews I got while in Brooklyn which certainly help towards the taxonomy but I can see connecting threads here that don’t seem so apparent in the US.

I have to say, using Scrivener is making it so much more convenient as far as backups, updates and having everything all piled together.  I’m excited that they are working on an iPad version and hope it will play nicely with the desktop install.

Live A/V documentary

Lloyd in Grayson Cooke documentary
featured in the Grayson Cooke documentary on live AV in Australia

Speaking of research, Grayson Cooke has been collecting interviews with Australian AV artists and has uploaded a collection in Korsakow format.

It’s an interesting approach as a Beta for a longer documentary including artist footage.  I wonder if it can generate an edit decision list based on frequency / popularity of choices?

Anyway it’s a nice collection of thought on Australian AV practice and I get a few slots moaning about stuff.  I think I may have been in one of my slumps when this was recorded.


That’s all for this post… but I wanted to mention that i’m going to put up, in a separate post, some of my photography from the last year.  I realise only people on Facebook are seeing anything of late since I stopped using Flickr because it required my Yahoo account.  An account I closed down since Yahoo thought nothing of letting a hacker in India with an iPhone use it for spam.  Till then…


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