the home birth adventure

The following is a predominantly pictorial post documenting the birth of my son Griffin Cael Larner.
Thanks to Dee for taking photos during the action stages.  Due to the low light necessary she fought an uphill battle for clarity.

At 5.30pm the contractions begin. Stacey starts preparing her birthspace while i'm totally oblivious.

Stacey enters the birth pool around midnight. Between contractions she appears very peaceful in "the zone".

Around transition, entering into second stage (pushing) Stacey roared while I held her. This was apparently a good thing to do. Richard Skelton played on the stereo... very effective!

At this point Stacey is worried that she can’t do it and we tell her she already is doing it.

Stacey informs us that she can feel the head is out. He is still in the caul.
I hop in to help birth my son. Another push from Stacey and he is mostly in my arms. Only his feet remain inside her. The caul has broken off from around his head.
I pass him through her legs and mumma meets baby face to face for the first time.
We wait somewhat anxiously for him to cry.


Which he eventually does with gusto.
Griffin Cael Larner, born 1.22am Saturday 3rd December, 2011 weighing 2.72kg


Mumma and Bubba get some much needed rest.