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Remnants and gigs

All the work towards the Micromono13 gig and my upcoming Loft gigs have generated a new album’s worth of material released under my birth name as opposed to the SKON nom de guerre.  “Remnants” will be available on bandcamp from 11/11/11 as a $5 download and a $10 Limited to 30 photographic edition.

With “Mise En Scene” there was a fairly strict set of considerations to meditate on, and with my Secret Killer of Names material I am trying to find beauty, harmony and structure within a variety of chaotic noises.  While what i’m doing now is quite obviously a culmination of what has come before, compared to previous work it might seem to have little theoretical, thematic or conceptual rigour… being a series of sketches without being specific meditations on anything in particular.

The work I will debut at Micromono13 and ultimately release as the sophomore “Lloyd Barrett” album – is a reflection on the current political climate worldwide.  The Occupy rallies, the Anonymous hackers, the situation and how people seem to be, even if for a short time, rejecting it.  The basis of my approach harkens back to the audio magic of Brion Gyson and William Burroughs.  Sounds are analysed for their spectral content, their shape and movement over time.  The machine sounds that permeate our environment, the virtual sounds we escape to in lieu of a real world to love and care for, the sounds of commerce and wars that we have been drafted into without a right to disengage or disagree.  The consensus of the sheep as controlled by the shepherd.  This content is then applied to the sounds of humanity in joyous play with real world toys in real world environments. The result is an audio-magical collage that i’ve further shaped into a dramatic suite with implied narratives inspired by the literary works of Neal Stephenson, Harlan Ellison, Philip K Dick and Charles Stross. It is not a luddite’s rant but a repurposing of the machine as a tool for new philosophies and new forms of beauty.  As Occupy and Anonymous use digital technology to work towards replacing a broken system so the sounds are replaced with new occupants that tell a different story.

Metasynth was used heavily in the foundation stages, for spectral analysis and application of spectral profiles to different sound objects.  This material was transferred to the Korg MS-1 and the Roland SP-404sx so that the pieces could evolve abstracted from the material, as opposed to fitting an abstract compositional template.  At this stage extra layers of processing occurred specifically using “The Mouth” and “The Finger” modules in Reaktor.   Some additional sounds were generated using the “Razor” synth module and “Geo-Synthesizer” on the iPad.  Initial versions were incredibly meandering and loose, however with the helpful critique of friends and colleagues I honed the tracks down into a more manageable form that suits passive home listening experiences and is adaptable for live environments.

To augment the aural the limited edition CDr version is presented with Matte photographic paper featuring some of my recent attempts at Macro photography.  The package is somewhat experimental and unwieldy but why would anyone want anything normal in this day and age? 😉

So what’s happening over the next two weeks?

1) Really chuffed (and quite nervous) to be supporting my electronic music guru Pimmon and fellow Half-Theorist Tim Coster on Thursday 10th November. This is a Room40 happening at the IMA and I will be performing at 7pm so don’t be too fashionable.  There is often free booze on before hand because it is like an art-show – don’t quote me on that though 😉  I will have some pre-release physical versions available on the night.

2) Four studies in audiovisual performance – Saturday 19th November – The Loft.  Z-Block.  QUT Creative Industries Precinct.  Musk Ave. Kelvin Grove

I will be performing four studies for audiovisual performance generated as part of my PhD research.  Really happy to also share the room with my friends from Botborg and Hetleveiker who both make amazing audiovisual work.  As Scott is currently in Brisbane i’m also chuffed that he will be doing a Superusers performance as what he has put on youtube is really exciting.  It starts at 7pm…should go for a couple of hours and will be airconditioned 😉

3) Four studies artist talk – Friday 18th November – The Loft.  Z-Block.  QUT Creative Industries Precinct.  Musk Ave. Kelvin Grove

If you can’t make the Saturday night i’m also doing a short performance and artist talk at 5pm on Friday 18th… same place.  More information on the studies over the next week or so.


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