botborg @ the Loft

Botborg’s superb set from the loft gig on Saturday night.  It’s a slow burner so be sure to full screen it and keep watching.



Post gig autopsy

So I had my AV gig at The Loft this weekend just past.  It was great to have The Superusers, Botborg and Hetleveiker along for the ride and they all performed magnificent sets.

The four studies I performed (in order) were:

A Study in AV Spatialisation

I used VPT for the first time! While I had some definite teething problems with the mask and midi presets not saving, setting up ready to go before the gig allowed it all to go pretty smoothly during the performance.  Video is from Artmatic – sound is a remix from Remnants track “For the Shepherd”  There is no direct technical link between the video and sound, rather I prefer for that link to be established in performance and in the link between artist, artwork and audience.
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Remnants and gigs

All the work towards the Micromono13 gig and my upcoming Loft gigs have generated a new album’s worth of material released under my birth name as opposed to the SKON nom de guerre.  “Remnants” will be available on bandcamp from 11/11/11 as a $5 download and a $10 Limited to 30 photographic edition.

With “Mise En Scene” there was a fairly strict set of considerations to meditate on, and with my Secret Killer of Names material I am trying to find beauty, harmony and structure within a variety of chaotic noises.  While what i’m doing now is quite obviously a culmination of what has come before, compared to previous work it might seem to have little theoretical, thematic or conceptual rigour… being a series of sketches without being specific meditations on anything in particular.
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