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more Metasynthesis and gigs!

The track above is a work in progress entitled "Halting State".  I'm trying to turn my Metasynth experiments into tracks.  Somewhat flustered as I have around 5wks before I am blessed with child and never ever have time to make music ever again (joking - well... we'll see!) In other news I'm really incredibly chuffed… Continue reading more Metasynthesis and gigs!

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Metasynth and audiovisual composition

As part of my research i've been considering Metasynth as an interesting AV composition tool - particularly as it links to the early pioneers of visual music and the work of Iannis Xenakis.  You might have heard of Metasynth, the enigmatic OSX only AV synthesiser from this wired article about Richard D. James (Aphex Twin). Here is… Continue reading Metasynth and audiovisual composition