Awake in Fields of Albion

Another new SKON release on Bandcamp and one that I am extremely proud of and keep returning to.  The material was recorded and mixed around two years ago but never really found a place on any of the labels or other albums I’ve produced since then and it has evolved over time to be the epic beast that it is today.  Essentially this is the deconstructed guitar album, originally titled “Hermitworks” that i’d been working towards at the time with most of the tracks originating in space drone guitar improvisation.  At the time I was experimenting with making the guitar sound unlike a guitar so there are many layers of processed, filtered and morphed guitar sounds building a dense patchwork of fuzz and shimmer.  Regular guitar tones and chords chime out of the fuzz however and one of the things i’m most proud about is the level of melody peaking throughout the granular clouds.
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Field Recording Workshop#1

notes for my undergraduate workshop

Who am I?

My name is Lloyd Barrett.  I have for over a decade composed and improvised sound art and audiovisual works.

A key element to my work is the use and manipulation of field recordings.

Recording location sounds in Newcastle, Australia as part of my Electrofringe 2007 collaboration with Paul Forbes Mitchell.
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