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pay what you like for dry mouth improv


Another album posted on bandcamp.  This one is “pay what you like”.

So I’m going to over-complicate things by saying the origin of this work goes back a decade to when Joe and I shared a residence in Toowong.  While I was working at The Record Market he was already a major collector of pawn shop vinyl and this would often colour our music making to the point that early Diaspora is quite often just him with a record player and a delay / me on a computer.  It was only while hanging out with him a few months ago at his current abode that I realised the current level of his committment.   So while he was mixing, sampling, repitch and manipulating vinyl on 4 turntables just for our aural pleasure I proposed that we jam with some of these sounds… ala Demdike Stare who I like despite their output being nothing special.

So we convene a session with me sampling his output to the Microsampler, jamming sounds together and recording the result to a Zoom H4N.  This happens over a few sessions so not only do I have sample banks full of different material but sequenced jams to plunder as well.  After each session I cull, export, edit, import, chop and represent.  So this work has evolved over 4 or 5 jam sessions.  I feel that this is ultimately a very satisfying way to produce electroacoustic improv and exploratory music that at very least appeals to me and maybe people who don’t mind the occasional bit of Nurse With Wound.

Hopefully we will be able to successfully reproduce it live aswe now have the technology to fire off complex soundscapes.  However we just had a gig at Cafe Jugglers that pretty much started terrible and remained so for most of it’s duration.  You know those gigs where you setup… everything is fine… then the room fills up… you start and … feedback!  GAH!  It makes the stop on a dime collage approach not so possible.  SIGH.  Still it’s nice to make music that is fun to play again 😀

p.s. I have a few physical copies if anyone wants to trade.

ADDENDUM: We SUCKED! They hated us! It was mostly feedback from Joe’s devices and my stuff was too quite. Oh well… we should stick to minimal techno and studio recordings. 😉


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