a short set at Share in Brooklyn

As you can see… I played as 3Y35 (Eyes) – a collaboration of sorts between myself and Scott Baker

We have been sharing footage, passing back and forth, remixing and reworking.  So either Scott or I can take up the moniker and run with it in realtime… eventually we will be in the same room 😉  The night above it was just I.  And I will say more of my trip to New York in more blogs soon.  At this point i’m composing audio works as part of the RPM challenge which is basically a nice excuse to get me creating some new audio as I will need it this year for demonstrative purposes.

The performance above used footage shot by myself and Scott on consumer grade cameras (well I have a Canon 550D and it is the reason why I haven’t been making so much music… ah I love it soooo!)  I’m using Ableton Live, VDMX and Touchable (an iPad controller for Ableton)  Touchable is essentially allowing me to realtime improvise in Ableton (with some pre-rendered effects and Reaktor) – the audio is then being routed to VDMX where it triggers separate channels of video.  I wanted to go for a look that was a little further removed from the VJ aesthetic so I chose to use only layering effects, and whatever happens in camera.  There are a few synthesised graphics that have been created in Artmatic Pro.

Despite the fact that I had a dreadful cold this was perhaps my most confident performance that i’ve been ultimately happy with.  The only problem I really had was coming to grips with Touchable which, while excellent, does not provide a tactile interactive surface and was therefore not so intuitive.


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