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Acousmatic Videoscapes

Performative fail from Rosa Menkman on Vimeo.

The nomad of noise travels the acousmatic videoscape.

I am a voyager of videoscapes: I create conceptually synesthetic artworks, that use both visual and aural glitch (and other noise) artifacts at the same time. These artifacts shroud the black box, as a nebula of technology and its inner workings.What actually happens when a glitch occurs is unknown, I stare at the glitch as a void of knowledge; a strange dimension where the laws of technology are suddenly very different from what I expected and know. Here is the purgatory; an intermediate state between the death of the old technology and a judgement for a possible continuation into a new form, a new understanding, a landscape, a videoscape..Whenever I use a ‘normal’ transparent technology, I only see one aspect of the actual machine. I have learned to ignore the interface and all structural components, to be able to understand a message and to use the technology as easy and fast as possible.The glitches I trigger show the technology as the obfuscated box that it actually is (and not absent or transparent). They shroud its inner workings and the source of the output as a sublime black veil, while they confront me with a message that I cannot understand. I perceive the glitches and the machine without understanding where they originate from. This realization gives me the opportunity to concentrate better on their formal qualities – to interpret their structures and to learn more from what I can actually see. These glitching technologies create an acousmatic videoscape in which I can perceive an output outside of my goggles of immediacy, transparency, speed and usability. In the acousmatic videoscape, the critical trans-media aesthetics reflect on the perception of technology and its messages; they create an opportunity for self reflexivity, self critique and self expression. In the acousmatic videoscape synesthesia exists not just as a metaphor for transcoding one medium upon another (with a new algorithm), but as a conceptually driven meeting of the visual and the sonic within the newly uncovered quadrants of technology.

from the Glitch Studies Manifesto by Rosa Menkman available here

Can I please write my thesis like this?


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