Confirmation Excerpts#2 – What is AV Performance?


AV is easily understood as Audio-Visual but as a defining term is as broad as Electronic music.  Ian Andrews is a theorist and AV artist whose work as a member of Subvertigo VJ collective melded video surrealism with a playful activism present to this day throughout independent dance parties and cultural festivals like Electrofringe.   He defines contemporary audio-visual art as a live performance practice that, while culturally informed by the parallel history of experimental and expanded cinema, is structurally and conceptually derived from developments in sound and musical practice through the twentieth century.

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Confirmation Excerpts#1 – I am an Audio-visualist

AKA: the position of researcher

It may have something to do with my age; I hit my teens in the late ‘80s and at that time I was obsessed, not specifically with music, but with music video, in particular a show on the ABC network, ‘Rage’.  Every Friday and Saturday night I would set a VCR to record in extended play, as much of the show as would fit.  From these recordings I would isolate the artists to obsess over, for their image not just their song.
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