deconstructing AV

All good intentions…

Something I haven’t blogged about recently are my solo AV experiments.

Here is a video from a performance I did at the Installer gig at the Fringe Bar in October 2009.

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AV Summer Fun

I’ve always been into deep immersion and I have to say, lecturing and tutoring is a major distraction; splitting my life into such quadrants means I pay little attention to anything. I’m an obsessive and need unrestricted time to immerse. Here comes summer, just in the nick of time!  Brisbane summer humidity makes me feel like broccoli in a steamer, therefore the pull towards research in the air-conditioned office and getting out and away from home is so much stronger.


Of major interest is the Re:live 09 conference which I am attending mainly as it features some key theorists mentioned in my Lit.Review / ACMC Paper. It also looks like the academic equivalent of a music festival with a smorgasbord of ideas, related in various tangents, to where my focus is.
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Wireless Imaginings

Recently N4rgh1l3 performed at the State Library of Queensland as part of the Douglas Kahn / Other Film presentation “Wireless Imagination“.

Over two nights, the vacuously named “Queensland Terrace” became a science fair of experimental music machines and sound sculptures including Rod Cooper’s superb “Vessel” augmented by a group of manipulators and Anthony Magen’s playful use of data projection.

Saturday night was an ungainly pile-up of where all performers grabbed a space and commenced braying to an increasingly diminished audience of fair-weather intellectuals. Within this morass we found an abstract corner jutting out into the night to project a new work entitled “Aurora Magnetica”.

n4rgh1l3 : A Roarer Magnetica pt1 from Andrew Thomson on Vimeo.

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