Performance Experiments Phase 1: N4rgh1l3

As mentioned before on this blog, N4rgh1l3 is a collaborative project with Andrew Thomson who also works with Joe Musgrove in Biffplex.  We have similar tastes in music and movies and it seemed logically that we should help swell the artist/band scene in Brisbane with yet another side project.  Initially though our collaborations lacked a definable characteristic to separate us from what we do with others.  It wasn’t until much later on that we twigged about our mutual love of abstract sound and image, and that this might form the basis for an interesting, challenging and diverse performance approach.

Birthing N4rgh1l3 within the Audiopollen / Other Film scenes would seem to be an important contextual consideration as our work, while using digital tools, is heavily influenced by Visual Music pioneers like Len Lye and the experimental film works of Stan Brakhage.  Response to our performances within this scene have always been encouraging and positive.  Then we played at the Australasian Computer Music Conference…

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