Performance Experiments Phase1: Surrogate Band

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Performance Experiments Phase1: Left of Left

“Barrett’s set, for example, explores a very intriguing, almost linear, narrative from blurry, sun-kissed photography and warm spacious ambience to the subdued loneliness of melancholic imagery and trilling feedback before finally collapsing into a dark, droning portrait of utter desolation. Barrett orchestrates the imagery well with a blend of abstract sound, field recordings and live instrumentation intermingling throughout but there is a certain gracelessness to the transitions between tones that prevents the performance from the reaching the heights it should.” Matt O’Neill – Time Off

Yes there were technical difficulties… but i digress…

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Performance Experiments Phase1: introduction

Well howdy!

Over the next three years I will periodically demonstrate my findings through a number of live audiovisual performance experiments, documenting my approaches and related issues.

The phases are as follows:

  1. addressing my background in composition and performance and current approaches;
  2. addressing the literature and assimilating theoretical concepts into performance practice;
  3. addressing the case studies / approaches and concerns of other audiovisualists;
  4. exhibition of works and findings.

Documentation will be uploaded to VIMEO for each phase and will be used to elaborate on blog postings discussing the likes of:

  • compositional and performative approaches;
  • audience and context
  • comparative works and inspiration;
  • technological affordances and impact;

plus whatever else seems relevant at the time.
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