No Signal Blues and Performance Issues

“Performance” is the domain of “live art.”  As a blanket term for music, dance, theater, and experimental variations thereof, it can be understood as the non-participatory live presentation of body movements, images, and sounds.  In many cases, the notion of performance implies the presence of human actors or players on a stage, or a stagelike area.  The same term is used to indicate the quality of a technical apparatus in operation: we can speak of the “performance” of a specific computer system, or of a car.  This dual meaning is interesting in that it points to some general aspects of performance, for example, that it is an authorial execution system, an execution system that has a main actor.  Performance can be understood as the presentation, the making present (and perceivable) of the results of an execution. (Broeckmann, 2007, p. 199)

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