aesthetic influences and projects in the oven

In my last post I neglected to add this N4rgh1l3 video:

I think it is a fairly representative example of how our aesthetic influences draw parallels between historical works of Visual Music and the digital arts of practitioners like Tina Frank.

Some of you may have noticed the Twitter post about “The Corner Ghost”.  I’m currently curating the Installation Group Projects with some music students and our initial project is to produce a series of works for an in-house (read in QUT) installation.  My own proposal is as follows:


Inspired by flickers of shadow and light that are such a staple of “spooky” stories.

Aesthetically i’m inspired by the plays of light, reflection and movement in the Stan Brakhage film “Commingled Containers“.

The tools:

  1. external webcam
  2. microphone or motion sensor
  3. projector
  4. software for processing (Isadora, Jitter or maybe even Processing)
  5. G5, Macbook or laptop (hidden)
  6. small monitor speakers (also hidden)
  7. 1 dark, small, claustrophobic room

The webcam will send deliberately out of focus images from the outside of the room to the processor.  A threshold filter will be applied to the image to create a strong black/white contrast.  Sound or motion within the room will disturb / displace the image which is then projected in the room.  A delayed recording of room sound is buffered and played through a spectral filter which removes most of the mid-frequency sound.  This buffer is agitated by the current motion of video and played through the monitor speakers at low volume.  Image should be projected at a high angle in one corner of the room and should spread across part of the walls on each side of the corner.

The point of this installation piece is that many of our fears are manifest by misunderstanding the actual and by covering up this misunderstanding with a personal fiction.  The play of shadow and light is not a demon but our minds jump to the conclusion before we fully explore the rational possibilities.  Of course the rational is entirely overrated and is something of a killjoy in social situations!


I’m also working on a 15 minute AV performance for Ready Fire Aim at the Queensland Museum but will talk of that at another time.



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