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Total Art in your lunchbreak

The following is an evocation/rant about my research that I posted to an old friend in an attempt to outline what it is i'm doing.  With respect to those practitioners who are working harder than me in the "4 real" world to define this new area - this is not about you - and I… Continue reading Total Art in your lunchbreak


aesthetic influences and projects in the oven

In my last post I neglected to add this N4rgh1l3 video: I think it is a fairly representative example of how our aesthetic influences draw parallels between historical works of Visual Music and the digital arts of practitioners like Tina Frank. Some of you may have noticed the Twitter post about "The Corner Ghost".  I'm… Continue reading aesthetic influences and projects in the oven

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live AV and the performance rationale

Turkish group Cotton AV (seen working above with Volkan Ergen) are one of many groups around the world exploring the live manipulation of audio visuals. One of their previous musical partners started up an interesting argument on the Audiomulch discussion list about the use of Visuals in live experimental music performance. The following is an… Continue reading live AV and the performance rationale